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    The longest of Suk's chamber works, the single-movement String Quartet No. 2 was completed in Krecovice in May 1911. This difficult work shows none of his earlier influences and, with its complex harmonies and motivic structure, seemed avant-garde for its day (the Berlin premiere of November...
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    Although Suk was a successful violinist and member of the legendary Czech Quartet (with whom he stayed until 1933) he was predominantly a composer. Suk's early works often show the influence of Dvořák (his father in law), and Brahms, but are original in conception and no mere copy of these...
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    Josef Suk was a champion of Dvorak's chamber music as second violinist in the Bohemian Quartet. Not only that but he was his student and and son-in-law. Suk's Meditation on an old Czech hymn ‘St Wenceslas’, Op 35a, is based on the text of a hymn with the theme of mercy and taking care of...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    I heard Suk's Ripening and there are many similarities with Bax's music. They were contemporaries. Were they aware of each other? Was Bax influenced by Suk or vice-versa?
  5. Solved Cases (archive)
    The comments of this (bartje!) video say it is by Josef Suk, but not which piece it is.
  6. Orchestral Music
    A continuation of the Saturday Symphonies Tradition: Welcome to another weekend of symphonic listening! For your listening pleasure this weekend: Josef Suk (1874 - 1935) Asrael Symphony in C minor, Op. 27 1. Andante sostenuto 2. Andante 3. Vivace 4. Adagio 5. Adagio e maestoso...
1-6 of 6 Results