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  1. Opera
    I was given a pristine lp set of Esclarmonde with Sutherland and Aragall. I had only heard the spectacular Spirits of the Air aria, but from start to finish it is all glorious music and all flows as one piece. I can't stop listening to it. I sounds like the beginnings of Impressionism at times...
  2. Opera
    I think others like myself might compare Joan Sutherland and Sondra Radvanovski as Sondra is probably the only singer who sings the dramatic coloratura works who also had a really big voice. Having never heard either live I can't compare on the volume. Sondra has flexible voice but in my...
  3. Opera
    I put the wrong title in my heading so I shall start over. I'm getting old.
  4. Opera
    I'll start with mine, Joan Sutherland: Lucia di Lammermoor and Semiramide that's not to say that I don't enjoy these performances. they are wonderful, but, imo, they don't capture the whole picture of what made Sutherland great, which was not only her effortless coloratura, but the heroic...
  5. Opera
    which singer is the definitive example for you of what a certain role should be? for me Carmen: Maria Callas (duh! lol) Violetta: Anna Moffo Rosina: Joyce DiDonato Beatrice di Tenda: Joan Sutherland Duke of Mantua: Jonas Kaufman (the duke is supposed to be confident and SEDUCTIVE, not thin...
  6. Opera
    Two greats................ Who's your preference? Pluses? Minuses? Certainly 2 of the greatest. Keep it civil please. :tiphat:
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    Obviously in Turandot, this blends straight into the next number, but when heard by itself, even when it's taken from a complete recording, such as the Pavarotti / Sutherland, it's got a full ending. Did this get recorded separately and mixed in later?
  8. Opera on DVD, Blu-ray and CD
    I have 3 CDs of La Sonnambula and one DVD with the following Aminas: Luba Orgonasova Mariella Devia Maria Callas (1957 Live) Eva Mei on DVD (wish this were on a CD also) So I am looking at the Sutherland Pavarotti La Sonnambula and like it a lot, but people are saying Sutherland sings better...
  9. Opera
    I would go with 3: 1.Callas's the final high D from Rossini - Armida - D'amore Al Dolce Impero (1952 Live) . I could and have played this over and over and over. Callas should have done studio recordings before she lost weight! Her pre weight loss notes above the staff were not to be...
1-9 of 9 Results