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  1. Keyboard Instruments
    There are a number of recordings for the piano reduction of the three Tchaikovsky ballet suites. Ones I have listened to or sampled include (all of them are for four hands): Aurora Duo, Naxos: SL (arr. Langer), SB (arr. Rachmaninov), NC (arr. Esipoff) Argerich and Economou, DG: NC (arr...
  2. Ballet
    I've noticed there are some performances of Swan Lake where four bars are missing in the final. Heres's a version with the four bars present (2.42-2.50): And here the four bars are not present (at 1:51:57): Anyone who knows the story behind these two versions? In a performance I just saw...
  3. Ballet
    Dear all, First off, I'm sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong place? I hope not.. So to the Q.. I've been listening alot to this piano track on Spotify recently, and I'm pretty eager to learn it on piano myself. I've learned the "main theme", but this exact Spotify track includes a...
  4. Ballet
    In which we talk about the AMAZING Tchaikovsky ballet "Swan Lake".
  5. Recorded Music and Publications
    Hi I posted a piano version of Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky with a footage showing images of ballet dancers: give me your impressions' Cheers
1-5 of 5 Results