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  1. Music Theory
    I'm a member of a 'quasi-intellectual' dining club (their description!) and once a year I have to deliver a 1-2 hour lecture which should stimulate, educate and entertain fellow members. My previous talks have been on Wagner (in the words of others) and more recently logical fallacies. Both were...
  2. Opera
    In which we talk about Verdi and his music.
  3. Opera
    The idea that each fach has an ideal look or body type has come up a lot in conversations recently with my singer friends. We're all in the process of getting our masters degrees, so we want to be prepared to make ourself as marketable to auditioners as possible. So, I'm curious, are these ideas...
  4. Opera
    Always controversial. Why do you like it or hate it? It's sometimes called the greatest opera ever. What makes it so compelling? It really grabs me. Those chords opening Act 3 , sounding and wafting upwards always grip me. What are it's meanings? What is its power? Is the power of the potion...
  5. Off Topic Pub
    It's been difficult recently to access the forum and it's been suggested that some of us don't have a real life away from Talk Classical! :lol: That got me to thinking - I do have a real life, but when it comes to listening to music, I absolutely need TC in order to tell people what I'm...
  6. Today's Composers
    Hi all, Since I mostly do electronic music work, I thought it might be silly to share another composition here, but the instruments I use were traditional classical instruments, for the most part, and, well, I tried to stop myself a couple of times for fear of ridicule, yet I am back. I grew...
1-6 of 11 Results