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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Let's face it, fugue writing can sometimes be an academic and dry subject. It takes real skill to write a fugue that has emotional power and weight. What are some of the most moving fugues you know? Some examples of what I'm talking about: Beethoven - Große Fuge, op. 133 Max Reger - Fantasia...
  2. Recorded Music and Publications
    The title pretty much sums it all. Can someone confirm it please? The Sony Symphony Edition is only a new cloth or are we talking about the remastering?
  3. Off Topic Pub
    Fiction (and not just fiction) can be: Completely serious Completely humorous Mostly serious with some "comedic reliefs" Relatively balanced between comedy and serious moments, maybe skewed towards either aspect but still there's plenty of both comedy and "seriousness" All these work fine. But...
1-3 of 3 Results