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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    I need a recommendation for a friend who loves Allegri Misereri, Tallis Scholars, and Beethoven's Emperor Concerto, but who otherwise isn't well versed in the world of classical music. Personally, my taste is more 20th century, so I feel at a loss for a good recommendation for this person. Any...
  2. Musicians
    What better way to spend the time I should be using for sleeping, disseminating the image of one of my favourite local professional choirs? :tiphat: They're a sexy bunch. :tiphat: Ex Cathedra are a brum based choir which I enjoy listening too. I've been to 2 concerts by them and plan to go to...
  3. Vocal Music
    I landed a spot with a group singing a Tallis motet this summer. We had our first rehearsal last night and it was so much harder than I'd anticipated. There are 40 moving parts, one person to a part, and it's very easy to get lost. And in this case the conductor isn't giving entrance cues...
1-3 of 3 Results