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  1. Opera
    I am more knowledgeable about female voices but end up listening a good bit to Martinelli as he sings a good bit with Ponselle. I have grown to really love the sound of his voice and his interpretation. I believe he is often unfavorably compared to Caruso. I think he would be a big star today...
  2. Blog
    In which I discuss Crawford's talents as a singer and interpreter, with focus on his most famous musical role. The Voice The Phantom of the Opera is the name of the character Michael Crawford created in both the London and Broadway productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber's beloved musical. The...
  3. Blog
    A Tenor on Broadway: An Evaluation of Jerry Hadley's CD Standing Room Only Jerry Hadley (1952-2007) was a rare kind of opera tenor. Famous at the Metropolitan Opera and other major houses in a repertoire that ranged from Mozart, Massenet, and the lighter Verdi roles to Stravinsky's The...
  4. Opera
    Hello, I am a young man currently studying musical theater. I have a range that goes from the lowest extreme an F2 and to the highest extreme an E5. Since I most recently have expanded my upper range and since I most recently have discovered my head voice, I have to concentrate on really...
  5. Musicians
    America's oldest continuously-active classical music organization is celebrating its 200th anniversary. It was formed on April 13, 1815 in Boston. "The society announced itself with a concert at the King's Chapel on Christmas Day 1815, when 100 singers -- 90 men and 10 women, with the tenors...
  6. Opera
    RULES OF BARITONE CLUB: 1. Absolutely NO tenors or sopranos allowed! (for full effect, imagine backward "s" on "tenors") 2. Basses and bass-baritones are allowed as guests!
1-6 of 6 Results