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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm a fan of classical music and the arts. I would like to join a streaming service and wanted to hear from others who've done the same. Which services have you enjoyed the most? If you subscribe to several. Please share your experiences. Thank you.
  2. Opera
    Hello, I am a young man currently studying musical theater. I have a range that goes from the lowest extreme an F2 and to the highest extreme an E5. Since I most recently have expanded my upper range and since I most recently have discovered my head voice, I have to concentrate on really...
  3. Opera
    In about a month, tickets will go on sale for the April 2016 production of Lucio Silla by Mozart at the Opera Atelier in Toronto Canada. I had purchased a CD of Cecilia Bartoli's Mozart Arias and found several arias from Lucio Silla on this recording. This was when I discovered how fantastic...
1-3 of 3 Results