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  1. Religious Music
    I realized this morning what a powerful symbolic story this is. Being a believer, I have no doubt that it actually existed, known rulers have done much worse. I realized that Salome represents the lustful aspect of life, and the King represents power. St. John the Baptist represents the soul...
  2. Opera
    Hello everyone. Being a fellow amateur composer, I wrote a theme and variations on Non Piu Andrai a while back, and it has been my biggest hit on YouTube (probably more for the name). But anyways, I really enjoyed writing it because it's such a catchy and fun melody and nearly perfect for a...
  3. Music Theory
    Formenlehre, which is basically the German for 'the study of form', is quite an old discipline in music theory fully established in the nineteenth century with, for example, A.B. Marx's codification of sonata form. In the theory, there are certain formal archetypes, allegedly derived from the...
  4. Opera
    Mine: For me, a yawner of a plot and musical themes.
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    I have just published my first draft of an on-line classical music thematic index. It follows in the tradition of Barlow's and Morgenstern's Dictionary of Musical Themes (first published 1949), in so far as it catalogues composers in alphabetical order, then displays the musical notation for the...
1-5 of 5 Results