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  1. Off Topic Pub
    The title of a post says it all :If you could write a note to your younger self what would you say in only 2-3 words?
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Ok, what I mean is this. I really wish Schubert had written a piano concerto. Surely it would have been a thing of great beauty. Do you have any similar thoughts?
  3. News, Concerts and Events
    Anyone here followed the Honens piano competition/festival earlier this month in Calgary, Alberta? I had the privilege of making a trip down there and was ecstatic when Italy's Luca Buratto won. Share your thoughts! If you haven't heard of it, please watch some performances, they are fantastic...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Which instruments really speak to you and move you? For me, it's the horn and the oboe - but the former especially. Your thoughts?
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    The piece at the beginning. It sounds a bit different from the regular harpsichord. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm thinking of buying some for public transit time. Recommendations? Would a more expensive pair make a difference in quality? In any case, I'm a student so nothing outrageously expensive please.
  7. Opera
    Very interesting............:) Thoughts? :tiphat: Hope its not a Reggietheater job.:rolleyes:
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello all! You may know that the three members of the Second Viennese School all died, shall we say, uncanny deaths. There is now a browser game that lets you investigate those deaths in detail. Thoughts?
  9. Solo & Chamber Music
    Peter Donohoe on Pogorelich. Any thoughts?
  10. Opera
    There is a Callas versus Sutherland but in history, the true rivalry was between Callas and Tebaldi in fact. Here is the back room drama for what really went down: Definitely this is a time to reflect on key...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    I am curious which composers/compositions do you find to be formalist? What makes them formalist and not formulaic? Or is formalism a version of being formulaic? Any thoughts? btw, I think that Haydn as a formalist but certainly not formulaic. That guy was so witty and very subversion within...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi guys. Anyone have any thoughts on these performances/recordings? How's the sound?
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    I want to know what you think of Vengerov's interpretation of Mendelssohn's violin concerto in E minor ... And what you think of him in general.
1-13 of 13 Results