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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I am an Australian composer and I am interested in new classical music composers. I prefer finding out about orchestral tonal music composers. If you are one or know composers who write tonal orchestral music, I would love to know about you and hear your music. Cheers from...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Where is the border where modernism still hold's its tonal melodicism? Schnittke's Concerto Grosso 2 is one example for me, Einojuhani Rautavaara - Piano Concerto No. 1 is another.
  3. Off Topic Pub
    A simple question.
  4. Religious Music
    I've been listening a lot to Webern lately. It is very spiritual music, very expressive, and dealing with spiritual subjects. The Cantatas are obviously an homage to Bach. Some jibes have been leveled at him; rarely do I ever get responses to my 'reviews,' but here are a couple of responses...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Here's how I'm beginning to sum-up Schoenberg: he was a consummate craftsman, and a traditionalist who understood tonality totally. Then he wanted to get more abstract (letters to Kandinsky), by using 'Brahmsian' motives and angular, expressionistic 'themes' and melodies, as this 'ugly,'...
  6. Composer Guestbooks
    News of the death of this composer reached the world today, via the New York Times. William Thomas McKinley was an American composer who lived to the age of 76 writing music he called "neo-tonal" (really, just tonal). His music was extremely accessible for its tonal language and dabbling in jazz...
  7. Solo & Chamber Music
    Which of Bartok's string quartets would you say are the least (traditionally) tonal? Just curious what people's opinions are. I happen to think the middle quartets are more challenging for some reason.
  8. Music Theory
    For me, the only truly atonal music are Cage's 4' 33" and field recordings like Lopez where there is no true tonal center. Everything else for me is tonal in basis. So isn't atonality a more complex form of tonality with mathematical strictures?
1-8 of 9 Results