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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    What are your favorite orchestral suites and symphonic/tone poems? My are: Sibelius, Jean (1865 - 1957): The Wood-Nymph, Op. 15 (1895) Spring Song, Op. 16 (1895) Lemminkäinen Suite, Op. 22 (1895) Finlandia, Op. 26 (1900) En Saga, Op. 9 (1902) Pohjola's Daughter, Op. 49 (1906) Night Ride and...
  2. Recorded Music and Publications
    Hi TC. I have a Strauss challenge planned for September 2017 (after other more ambitious challenges) I don't want to listen to all the recordings. I had a look here but there was nothing else apart from recordings of the Vier Letzte Lieder. Then I headed to and made a list of...
  3. Orchestral Music
    In which we discuss tone poems and rhapsodies... Favorites, new finds, and more!
  4. Orchestral Music
    Discussing "Ma Vlast" by Bedrich Smetana.
  5. Orchestral Music
    According to wiki: Strauss's tone poems are the reasons that make him one of my favorite composers. The Eine Alpensinfonie is not only my favorite tone poem but one of, if not, my favorite pieces of all-time. So, I would like to know which one is your favorite. Please, vote!
1-5 of 5 Results