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  1. Hi-Fi
    Online Partitur Player Dear friends of classical music, I'd like to introduce the Online Partitur Player, an open source project I'm intensively working on in my spare time. It aims to enable the user to get all aspects of a musical piece - audio, video, text and full score - at a glance for...
  2. Non-Classical Music
    Hello, Most of my teen years were spent exploring heavy metal music, and I have noticed (I could be wrong) a strong classical influence in many of the bands and musicians I enjoy listening to. One that stands out is the American band, Tool. They are by far the most innovative and interesting...
  3. Opera
    I recently launched a pet project which I thought might be useful to the members of this forum. It's a tool to help singers find a tailor-made fach of opera roles which will suit their unique voice. It is suitably named: I hope this can be a valuable resource for singers...
1-3 of 3 Results