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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    Hello all, I've only heard this song as an introduction to this DJ mix. The clip isn't that long and the DJ starts talking 0:20. Unfortunately I've been unable to obtain the information from him. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Andy
  2. Non-Classical Music
    I have been enjoying Bitches Brew again after a while away from it. It took me maybe 8 years to fully grasp it in total, however maybe I will never get a full understanding even in a lifetime. I liked the odd track but found certain tracks pretty impenetrable. However it was one of those...
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    I just acquired a CD entitled "Gramophone Awards 2000: Universal Classics" but without a track listing. How can I get that information?
  4. Religious Music
    Ockay im speachless since im in a medieval trip, i bought another one of naxos early music serie, name ANIMA MEA ''sacred music of the middle ages'', Cosmedin ensemble perform these works. Track 1 Ardona thalamum is divine god like , felt bless by god and smile.track 2 is interresting, while...
  5. Ballet
    Dear all, First off, I'm sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong place? I hope not.. So to the Q.. I've been listening alot to this piano track on Spotify recently, and I'm pretty eager to learn it on piano myself. I've learned the "main theme", but this exact Spotify track includes a...
  6. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello everybody, I'm a huge fan of a Trailer music company called Two Steps From Hell which just released today a new album. On one music of this album, there's a melody I know, I'm sure I've already heard it. I'm also pretty sure it's classical or religious... The track can be listened here...
  7. The Movie Corner: Music for Cinema and TV
    Hi All I have dug up an old mp3 file that I converted from a tape many years ago. Have no idea what it's name is. However the closest I got was coming across the movie soundtrack for The Desert Song. The most similar sounding track from that album was the Overture theme co-written by Sigmund...
  8. Non-Classical Music
    I have a demo of 3 song made by a mysterious band called neutral wood i can find any info on the web, but the 3 track are awesome , does someone know more about this than me or speak russian and can located this obscure darkwave folk band from greater russia all does they sing in English. The...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm ready to explore another composer, and this time my choice is Bach. Instead of doing the usual (starting from top and going down the list, listening to every single track), I would like some suggestions on where to start. Which pieces are considered to be the best? Which ones are not worth...
  10. Solved Cases (archive)
    I listened to Chopin on Spotify. There's an album called Chopin: Waltzes and Impromptus, and track no. 7 is called: Waltzes no. 7 in C sharp minor, Op. 64/2. But when I search for this on Youtube, I find a completely different piece. I think the track may be misnamed. Does anyone recognize it?
1-10 of 12 Results