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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    This night (evening) I attended organ concert, which included also: - M. Ravel trio for violin, cello and organ (transcription from piano) - M. Ravel Pavane for violin, cello and organ - F. List Preludes for solo organ (transcription from symphony orchestra) To be honest, this was one of the...
  2. Solo & Chamber Music
    I have a few of these transcriptions by Liszt from Wagner's operas; I think there are 16 in all. The ones I have are by Barenboim on DGG. Does anyone have any sets that they like in particular? I'd prefer to get a complete set. Thanks.
  3. Solo & Chamber Music
    what are some of your favorite piano transcriptions? I was just enjoying Busoni's "Chamber Fantasia on Bizet's Opera Carmen" as well as Andrei Schulz Evler's Concert Arabesque on Themes of "On The Blue Danube"
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    I am a huge fan of transcriptions. What are your favorite transcriptions? And also which transcriptions are better than the original? Which transcriptions are worse than the original? Liszt's transcription of Schubert's vocal piece. So moving.
  5. Solo & Chamber Music
    Liszt transcribed all of Schubert's songs for piano only. I prefer those transcriptions to the original songs. I think this is partly because the piano and human voice do not gel perfectly, and partly the engineering / mastering often does not get the balance right. Does anyone else prefer...
  6. Recorded Music and Publications
    Hi all, I just released my first album of my live performances of various transcriptions by Godowsky, Earl Wild, Arcadi Volodos, Busoni, and more , as well as the Liszt Sonata in B minor. You can find it here: Or Itunes: best Jiyang...
1-6 of 6 Results