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  1. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello dear fellow group members, I have had this earworm taking over my brain for the whole day now, if you can help me to identify it's origin I shall be extremely grateful! Here I am attempting to hum the tune out in my inadequate voice. (That is how desperate Iam!!!!!)
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Carnegie Hall's 2020 commercial (may have to scroll down a little to start to video) This song was featured in a Jackie Chan movie...
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello dear fellow members, i hope you are all having a nice day. i recently came across this video where the bg music is playing somewhat faintly but if you concentrate, you can make out the notes. if any one among you can help me in identifying this piece of music i shall be extremely grateful...
  4. Solved Cases (archive)
    can someone please help me by identifying this baroque piece from the following clip: the piece begins at the 0:22 mark. Thanks in advance!
  5. Identifying Classical Music
    Hello there, as you can guess from my nickname I created an account and am making this post with the sole purpose of helping a friend, she sent me this file of her playing but she doesn't know the name of the full piece/arrangement so I was wondering if you could enlighten me. Thank you in advance
  6. Identifying Classical Music
    Hello everyone, I created this account because I can't find the original song beyond this little sample : From 00:00:00 to 00:00:30. Thank you in advance to the person who could help me. :)
  7. Identifying Classical Music
    Hello, Recently I came across this video but can not identify the musical pieces featured in it. here's the link to the video: the, pieces of music appear in the following order: 1. 0:10 mins 2. 0:23 mins 3. 4:23 mins please help me in identifying these pieces, i shall be very thankful.
  8. Identifying Classical Music
    hello all, i have heard this violin piece but can't seem to identify it, please help me! here's the link: the music starts at 5:14 Thanks!
  9. Identifying Classical Music
    I am looking for the names of two different classical piano pieces. These two short audio snippets are all the information I have. I don't know the names of the composers. My guess is that they are not both composed by the same person. Thank you for your help! I apologize for the crackling...
  10. Identifying Classical Music
    Hello everyone, I encountered a piece of symphony I failed to identify in the opening 20 seconds of the following clip: (the content is political but not the point of interest here:lol:) Any clue ? I only hope it's not too mainstream or I will feel ashamed. Thanks.
  11. Identifying Classical Music
    hello, i came across this wonderful solo violin piece but unfortunately am inable to identify it. Any help that you can offer will be highly appreciated. here's the youtube link: (the piece starts at 0:08) please help me!!!!
  12. Identifying Classical Music
    I only have a mp3 audio fragment of it. I would like it very much to know the composer and title. Thanks a lot for your help.
  13. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello All, I know this might be a longshot, but i heard this beautiful but sad aria in the movie "Dinner Rush" released in 2000. Can anyone please help me identify it. Your help will bee greatly appreciated. Here's the track it starts from the beginnining: Thanks P.S if you can't identify it...
  14. Identifying Classical Music
    I've still had no success in identifying this orchestral waltz (melody is either French-horn or trombone?)...someone elsewhere thought it could be Waldteufel or Strauss but those seem to be last-resort guesses... Any ideas? :confused: Note that the piece used in the original episode clip...
  15. Non-Classical Music
    There has been a lot of really interesting obscure musicians coming to light on Youtube in the last few years. Some of them only have had one acetate made, no duplicate records ever. Anyone else into this side of music? Robert Hinchliffe [UK] - a_4. Words Upon An Ocean. Roger Rodier -...
  16. Solved Cases (archive)
    Can anyone identify this piece?
  17. Orchestral Music
    Some excellent ones like Scharwenka's piano concerti come to mind. Unjustly regretted. What about you? Heard/know any such which deserve more acknowledgement? And Prokofiev's or Bartok's/[any other mainstream composers] concertos don't come close, so please don't include them here. They are...
1-17 of 17 Results