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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Sibelius 2, Vanska-Lahti-BIS-SKAYNAN Remaster Hi guys. My last stream on Twitch was dedicated to remaster that fabled recording of the work, reducing the huge dynamic range to something more suitable to non-audiophile crowd. Please give a listen and I'll be very happy to hear criticism (or...
  2. Recorded Music and Publications
    Hello, In addition to Oramo BIS, I am thinking of several sets, Gilbert NYPO, Schonwandt DaCapo, Vanska BIS. I have Thomson Chandos and Blomstedt Decca. Also orchestral works, it seems like Roshdestvensky Chandos has some of the famous orchestral works. There is another Membran box of...
1-2 of 2 Results