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  1. Opera
    Hi My name is Gaby and I am new here in the forum and Opera is one of my passions! I just recently heard the very sad news that the wonderful Jon Vickers passed away at age 88. He was an excellent Tenor and in my opinion, one of the greatest as Otello, along with Placido Domingo. He was also...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    No, not ArtMusic. This is from a quote by Jon Vickers, who left us a couple of days ago. "Art is a wrestling with the meaning of life. Since society no longer resists 'the pull of success,' it can no longer define or draw a line between what's art and what's entertainment.'' Posted elsewhere...
  3. News, Concerts and Events
    Jon Vickers, celebrated tenor, dies aged 88
1-3 of 3 Results