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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello. I didn't find a thread that covered design related to Classical Music. I want to explore here how designers and labels (musical or editorial) have worked portraying classical music to the public, in form of posters, magazine covers, insides, books, illustration... I mainly want to know...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    I just picked up the vinyl lp "Werner Jahr spielt auf der Bosch Orgel Stadtkirche Friedberg Bruhns Grigny Bartok and Alain." It's pretty rare and not in very good shape. It made me wonder what other recordings I could find of these very old pipe organs. Anyone know any?
  3. Non-Classical Music
    I love finding this ultra obscure prog and other music surfacing online. I wish someone would do the same with obscure electronic music, but there is a lot of stuff that doesn't have as much talent, I believe to wade through because of "noise" theory. It's easier to make "electronic music" and...
  4. Today's Composers
    Sky Pilot (1921) Colleen Moore, King Vidor Director, Music by R.S. Pearson. Music composed in the 1980s and 1990s.
  5. Off Topic Pub
    :scold: Are you peeved by "advertising words"? I mean, "designer sunglasses"? Is that supposed to mean they're worth more? But in fact, are there any sunglasses that aren't designed? How about "vintage wines"? Others?
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    As I continue into TC here, I am inspired to look at some very old school recordings. Like turn of the last century old from the late 1900's and early 2000's. So I ended up finding a really good website for these recordings at Do does anyone have experience with...
1-6 of 6 Results