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  1. Opera
    Hey, Is there anyone here who’s been auditioning for gigs and competitions while using their developed chest voice?
  2. Opera
    Dear fellow opera fans, I'm new here, really enjoying the discussions and community so far. From what I've read, I think you will find plenty to talk about in the videos I have started creating for youtube. My aim is to present the results of my ten years of research to as many people as...
  3. Opera
    anyone heard of this technique before? my teacher told me lots of high tenors employ it to make their top more readily accessible. you "pinch" the back/posterior portion of your vocal folds together, and that portion does not vibrate or have air pass through it. so you essentially shorten the...
  4. Vocal Music
    How can we earn for a living with our voice? 1. Singing at an opera house 2. Singing at church 3. Singing at concerts 4. Singing at competitions 5. Going viral on youtube etc. 6. teaching our vocal technique 7. recording a CD/selling our song on iTunes 8. Using your voice for voice-overs 9...
  5. Vocal Music
    a useful interactive set
1-5 of 5 Results