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  1. Non-Classical Music
    Peter Hammill (founding member of the progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator). Because it's never too late to start wasting time ... and who doesn't like useless lists? Your list for best prog albums of 2019-let's have it. FYI: For our purposes "Prog Rock" denotes all the ridiculous...
  2. Off Topic Pub
    Well, this one is for the experts. Me? I got a measly 4/15 ("You wanna waste my time?").
  3. Off Topic Pub
    Well, I've finally reached post #1000 and it took me almost nine years to do it. :rolleyes: What should my 1,000th post look like? I'm up for suggestions...nothing silly of course. ;) Should I attempt to make one of the most profound artistic statements of our time, or should I waste my...
  4. Off Topic Pub
    On another forum, I mentioned saving Christmas tree tinsel year after year after year in the old days. Another member wrote: "Yes, I remember it, just the way you described it.....putting it back in the box. There was a time when people wasted nothing. One saved paper clips, rubber bands, darned...
1-4 of 4 Results