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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Instead of Canon in D, Mendelssohn's wedding march, pomp and circumstance, or any of the other usuals, what would you use in a wedding/graduation/etc ceremony?
  2. Vocal Music
    Hi all! I am lucky enough to be getting married in a Cathedral and even luckier to be getting the cathedral choir (SATB) and organist! Who are excellent :) I've always wanted to walk up the aisle to Parry's "I was glad" (a bit cliché I'll admit) but it's a little long (5 mins or so). Does...
  3. Blog
    Classical music is a great choice for wedding songs. Though there are thousands upon thousands of different songs to sort though. Here are some suggestions for every part of the wedding ceremony. PRELUDE Home Sweet Home - Christophe Héral Besaid - Noriko Matsueda &Takahito Eguchi Penelo's...
1-3 of 3 Results