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  1. Opera
    Seems though Kaspar Holten is making a mess of things at the ROH. I saw his lousy production of Don Giovanni and was put off ever seeing anything from ROH while he is in charge. I was tempted to see William Tell but the following reviews aren't encouraging. Why do they employ these guys...
  2. Off Topic Pub
    William Shakespeare is widely acknowledged as the greatest writer in the English language. So the only fitting way to truly honour his legacy is a truly English endeavour: a good old quiz. How well do you know your William? Are you brainy about the Bard? Take the quiz and find out.
  3. Composer Guestbooks
    News of the death of this composer reached the world today, via the New York Times. William Thomas McKinley was an American composer who lived to the age of 76 writing music he called "neo-tonal" (really, just tonal). His music was extremely accessible for its tonal language and dabbling in jazz...
1-3 of 3 Results