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    A thread for things just learned that you found surprising or entertaining. Here's mine. says that the ampersand was invented by Roman scribes who had a practice of running the two letters of the word "et" ("and") together, giving the ampersand its shape...but not its name. The...
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    There's a context that I am looking at this in, but feel free to impose your own: Certain Ancient Greek thinkers were very averse to the introduction and success of the written word, and feared its innovation inhibiting the development of one's mind, and usurping the oral tradition. The latter...
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    I love words and am always looking for new additions, and have found quite a few new ones in the Abstract Noun game :) So the idea for this game is you write a sentence with the unusual/poetic/very beautiful word the previous poster has given, which could be related to music or not but is about...
1-3 of 4 Results