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  1. Opera
    stole the idea from another thread :tongue: imo 1) Attila (Verdi). Attila is probably the most underrated of all of Verdi's works 2) Assur (Rossini's Semiramide) 3) Wotan (The Ring Cycle) 4) Bluebeard (Bluebeard's Castle) 5) Maometto (Rossini's Maometto Secondo). like Attila, it is hugely...
  2. Opera
    I have recently re-read the libretto of Richard Wagner's Siegfried. I don't understand the role of Wotan (the Wanderer). Why is he there? I don't understand his motivation for doing any of the things he does. In act I he comes into Mime's cave and offers Mime advice, bullies Mime into answering...
1-2 of 2 Results