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10 Living Composers talk to TC

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10 Living Composers talk to TC

I guess this is a first on TC.
During the last 12 months I have corresponded intensively with some of my favorite contemporary composers and selected 10 to initiate a thread that involves them.
So first of all, I would like to thank the composers who were so kind, generous and enthusiastic to participate in this project.
I asked them to select a highlight work and to comment on it. We exchanged about the 5 other works and all of the works were personally validated by the composers.
These shortlisted works and the comments related to them are meant to present a balanced overview of the composer’s repertoire, considering both time lines and genres.
Whenever possible links to videos or audio are provided.
It has been an avowed objective to select composers from different parts of the world and to give women composers an equal share of voice.
There is one initiator’s post per composer so that members can comment on each composer separately.
At the end there is a general comment post where members can give more global comments on the thread.
I fully realize the scope of this thread and the risk that it might scare off some listeners. Bear in mind that you can listen to one piece at a time and come back whenever you feel like it on your voyage of discovery. There are only 60 pieces in total and you will like some and dislike others. The only guarantee I give you is that the 10 are great composers.
Looking forward to your active participation. JK
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Don't worry, it's not permanent. You can tell by clicking on his profile. If it's permanent, it will say "the page doesn't exist."
Very good news!
Breaks and breaks, a concerto for violin by Christopher Cerrone (1984).
Just an FYI
When listened to this and posted it in the Currently Listening VIII thread I noted that it was fantastic!

I do enjoy these pieces you post here.
I hope one day our members will realise what this thread means.
I would not hold my breath. Trying not to be negative, it frustrates me daily how "old school" most seem to be.
Luckily we do have a few posters like yourself and @SanAntone who are true gifts to the forum.

I think my good fortune and open ears in enjoying new pieces is a product of lack of classical exposure most my life. Also, by nature, in all facets of life, I am an early adapter.
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