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2015 Proms

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Is anyone thinking of going?

I'll hopefully be attending at least one. I liked the look of Prom 63:

Messiaen Hymne
Mozart #27
Bruckner #7

btw -- I saw Runnicles at last year's Proms doing Mahler 9. I'd recommend him for either of the concerts he's doing this year. The man be good. :tiphat:

Also, I don't get the Prom that Gergiev is doing this year, where he does all the Prokofiev piano concerti in one night with 3 pianists. Yes, pretty original, but probably yes, pretty dull. I thought Gergiev was better than that.
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Do any of you know of a good YouTube channel or two that has recordings of past Proms concerts in full? Usually, I will find somebody with one or two, or I will just happen upon one of those videos in an unrelated search.
Not a channel, but if you simply put "bbc proms" into youtube you will find an enormous range of full-length content.
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:D Booked my ticket in 21 minutes this morning having got into the online queue in 4 minutes. A huge improvement on 2013 which took me 2 hours! :eek:
Booked prom 70. St Petersburg Phil :D
Nice one, that's a great program!

I'm still a little undecided, but I guess I'll have to make my mind up quickly!

edit: I just went into "buy tickets" for a random concert as a test, and I got -- "You are no. 5436 in the queue". :D
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Not much of interest for vocal enthusiasts, as is usually the case.
Really? I scanned over the first 25 proms again just now:

Prom 1: Walton, Belshazzar's Feast
Prom 6: Stravinsky, Symphony of Psalms
Prom 10: Beethoven Choral Fantasy + Schoenberg, Friede auf Erden
Prom 17: Vaughan Williams, Sancta Civitas
Prom 20: Bruckner, Mass No. 3
Prom 23: Verdi, Requiem
Prom 25: Monterverdi, Orfeo

That's not including a fair more shorter works, and other concerts like Beethoven's 9th or Bryn Terfel in Fiddler on the Roof! (lol)
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Not bad for repertoire, but not so much in the way of star names.
"Star names" is Hollywood speak, darling.

i) Star names all have to start somewhere, and unrecognised at that
ii) those who have become star names are not necessarily "the best" or deserving of such recognition
iii) repertoire takes precedence over performers anyway

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I was lucky enough to grab some tickets for Prom 63:

Messiaen -- Hymne
Mozart -- PC 27
Bruckner -- Sym. 7
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Needless to say I'm very excited about tonight and got tickets for a couple of the Mahler concerts in August.
Nice one. Are you seeing Elder do Mahler's 9th?
The performance of Beethoven's 3rd piano concerto the other night by Andsnes was just phenomenal. Lyrical ecstasy and scintillating drama conflated in a simply brilliant way.

Also, I really like the soloist / conductor dual role there. It should be done more often, at least with this sort of repertoire.
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