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This is the 79th in a series of games based on a common theme. It could be genre, instrumentation, key signature, time period, style, country, groupings such as Scriabin's Piano Sonatas, etc.

Here's how it works:

1. First voter selects the common theme and a work that fits reasonably into the theme.
2. Second voter also selects a work that fits into the common theme.
3. We keep submitting works until we have collected 20 of them.
4. The game begins.

Selection Rules:

1. You may vote once daily.

2. When you vote, you will have one selection to make.

3. Selections end when we have collected 20 entries.

4. The maximum number of selections per composer is two.

The next voter will pick the common theme and first selection of the twenty.

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Hm, I guess not since it seems to be a conjectural reconstruction of some kind (didn't Brahms destroy all sketches, unfinished works and preliminary versions?) Calling it the "original version" of the trio sounds very farfetched to me... still, nice find.
I'm absolutely fine with discarding this one ... it was for the exotic factor ... apologies ... ;)
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