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Alfred Rosenberg was head of the Sonderstab Musik (mentioned in linked article), a special Nazi 'task force' for music that was responsible for plundering the musical treasures (musical manuscripts, books and instruments) of deported and murdered Jewish communities, as well as those of occupied lands. As commissioner for the Entire Intellectual and Ideological Training and Education of the Party, his organization actively encouraged the involvement of German musicologists in Nazi activities and the expansion of the Reich. His office was an important source of funding for musicological research on the subject of race.
He was executed at Nurenburg.

Here's a related article with a happier and more conclusive ending: Germany returns music manuscripts seized from Arthur Rubenstein's Paris home to his family.
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Reinhard Heydrich, head of the SD and one of the coldest psychopaths ever to walk the earth, was also a superb violinist. Even other Nazi officials who both hated and feared him admitted that his talents were unsurpassed. Then again, he was apparently being blackmailed over his Jewish roots. Whether he nabbed himself any of the pilfered violins of the Nazis, I do not know.
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