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Hi friends,

This is actually a topic about buying Bach's music for keyboard. So some pieces are easy to find and others are simply not available, even from Leipzig museum. ....Then I found on the internet, PDFs without any copyright marks of _all_ of Bach's keyboard works. So I looked it up, and the only way that people are allowed to copyright Bachs manuscripts (which are public domain) is if they add some historical information. So I assumed that all these works are free for the taking and I made books out of them so others can easily obtain them, all for much less than the publishers that add historical write ups, which I do not need anyway.... ...and my thing is to sight read all of Bachs keyboard works, so for me this was a Godsend. Do others have ideas about this: 1) copyright issues and 2) the value of this collection to have all of bachs keyboard works (manucsript) available in book form? So here is what I did for myself and made available to others, from from BWV 772 to BWV 994 without _any_ gaps:äludien-910-923-JS-Bach-9783753141084/107811

Or is this only interesting to me?
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