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My 12 year old daughter is having her (our!) first Band Camp experience. Before we left last night, some of the staff put on an impromptu Jazz concert - 5 musicians who never played together before...trumpet, alto sax, double bass, piano, percussion... I was listening to the concert I came to a conclusion...

...I don't like Jazz... wasn't just them...although I commend them for putting together a 40 minute concert in no time at wasn't, in my opinion, very was the music all sounded the same! So what's the point?...

...and sadly to say...I was least impressed by the double bass player, apparently a prof. at the University of North Carolina (?)...

...they did well on a Norah Jones improv., but the rest was just noisy and was well on the way to giving me a headache...if it wasn't a Band Camp (re: learning experience) I would have left...
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aah i know this is an old thread but i have to respond.
I think jazz can be wonderful! i know some jazz is really tiring and boring but there are so many different kinds of jazz, improvised or not.
also, improvising takes a lot more skill than just playing random notes. to improvise a chorus of a song, and sound well, the player has to study and memorize the chord sequence and all the different scales that go along with each of the chords. Given, some improvisors are less talented than others. but i would definitely recommend that a classical musician studied some jazz improv. It really helps you develop your theory and gives you a better understanding of msuic in general. And improvising with an ensemble brings you a great feeling of freedom and accomplishment.
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