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Alma Deutscher - Violin concerto in G minor

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I wouldn't underestimate Andre Rieu, who has some good tunes to his credit, even though he usually plays old music. He's also played music by other composers of today. In any case, I like his music and also that of some others along similar lines (e.g. Mantovani) but I don't like Alma Deutscher's music.

In any case, I think she's got higher aspirations than offering light music. A tighter comparison would be with composers of serious music who composed pastiche (or what's derisively known as rehash) such as those following the neo-classical trend prevalent in the first half of the 20th century. I'm not one to rain on people's parades, so I'll leave it to others here to make those sorts of comparisons if they want to.
A pastiche in my mind is a work which shamelessly imitates the style of an other composer, at the point that people are induced to think that the piece has been composed by the other composer.

The piece here below, composed for the film "Il Paziente Inglese", is an example of a pastiche. Many users in the comment section say that it's a piece of Bach, but in reality it has been written by the composer of the score.

Now, if the "Violin Concerto in G minor" of Alma Deutscher is a pastiche, for me it means that you are induced to think that it has been composed by an other famous composer. Who is that composer, according to you?
If what you mean is that she takes a generic inspiration from a style of music (classical-romantic period?), it doesn't make sense to call the work "a pastiche", otherwise we should conclude that even Mozart wrote pastiches, as he's music was based on a determined style (unless someone doesn't want to support the idea that there are not common denominators between Mozart's music and the one of the other composers). This is a reflection that I've already done with @YusufeVirdayyLmao.

I don't see any need to distinguish between pastiche that is specific or general. There's nothing wrong with pastiche, and there are a few fine works which have been labelled as such. Rodrigo's Fantasía para un gentilhombre is considered by some to be his best piece, and it's an arrangement of tunes by an obscure Baroque composer. Respighi composed quite a few of these sorts of pieces. There's also Warlock's Capriol Suite, and even before the 20th century you get composers labelling pieces as pastiche (such as Schubert's Overture in the Italian Style).

There's nothing wrong with composing in a derivative style. I think what grates quite a few people is Deutscher's divisive and honestly, very simplistic, approach to matters of artistic expression. I'm avoiding making further comments on her ideology or her music because, as I said, I'm not here to rain on people's parades.

There's been enough division around her on this forum, even a cult of hate. In any case, when I did put forth my opinions on her in a balanced way, there where attempts to draw me in to this ongoing war around her with the usual internet tactics (fallacies galore). I have no intention to do that again, also I'd rather discuss music that I like or at least appreciate in some way.
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Cult of hate?-You cannot be serious.?
I'm saying that in terms of how she's become an object which is either attacked or defended, both sides having hatred for the other. Keep in mind, this is the internet, where attack or defence of something doesn't amount to much since its able to function perfectly well out there in the real world, with or without our support here. What it definitely does is inflame a situation which would be best left ignored, so that the fire could go out by itself.
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