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Alma Deutscher - Violin concerto in G minor

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How do you rate this piece? Write everything you want about it.

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It is "good".

Is there a rule in this forum for the voting options in such rating polls? Because maybe I will create such polls too, but I would prefer other voting options.
But how will she ever come back from what has been done to her by those who handle her? They have really harmed her and should be ashamed of themselves. But are there really some of our members who actually enjoy (and perhaps are even inspired by) this music?
It is easy to enjoy this music imo. There is nothing wrong with this music. She is not a victim, she is young, and she has commited no crimes. She don't has to "come back" from something. But development of a composers style is normal.

Some post here are quite incomprehensible. This work is not the greatest of all time but promising given the young age. But even if a 80 year old compsoer wrote this, it would nonetheless be enjoyable imo. There are other works and styles I like more than this Mendelssohn-like style, but this does not make the work "horrible".
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Curious, what kind of rule would you favor?
I don't think I would like a rule. A rule would be good for comparison, but the possibility to create better polls is more value imo.

I notice that for example "excellent" gets sometimes votes so often that it is not significant anymore. In this case it is the same with "horrible". I would prefer more telling expressions and exponentially increasing voting options at least for the top.

For example:
  • the composer should have destroyed the work
  • the piece should not be played
  • the piece is pointless
  • the piece is horrible
  • the piece is bad
  • the piece is good for its genre, but I don't like the genre
  • the piece was worth to listen to once, but it is not worth to listen to again
  • the piece is good and worth to listen to again
  • the piece is among the Top 1000 pieces of all time
  • the piece is among the Top 100 pieces of all time
  • the piece is among the Top 10 pieces of all time
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OK someone just compared tonal composers in 2023 to 19th century woman's liberation, close the thread.
There is no reason to close the thread. That you perceive some legitimate statements as not "politically correct" in the feminist sense or whatever, is no reason to close the thread.

Many people here just belittle the youth works of Alma Deutscher, and this may be similar to how female composers were belittled in the 19th century. Imaging she reads this thread and sees how horrible her piece is judged here. It is treated like she did something very wrong that makes it even difficult for her to "come back" like a crime. This is discouraging for non-avant-garde composers and girls with girlish taste. Other little girls make pop songs instead, is that it what you want? Is that better? It is unrealistic to expect a style from a little girl that is influenced by the experience of World Wars. It is fine if she satisfies her own taste, the taste of her grandma, and the taste of her father as a girl. She does not have to be mature as a girl.
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Those of us who have criticized her music and/or views do so because she is stuck in the past - period.
So the music of the past is bad? Classical music is bad? Or is it just that todays composers should write in a specific new styles? The constriction of classical music to modern~avant-garde~post modern styles, this is what is really horrible.
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You're all mixed-up. Music of the past is simply music composed in the past. Of course, classical music of the past is still alive because it is played and listened to by 21st century humans.
But is classical and romantic music still alive in the sense that it is still composed? In the case of romantic music, yes, it was always composed until now. In the case of Classical music, I am not so sure if there is a continuity. It was still composed in the 1850s but I don't know about the 1890s for example. And even Deutscher today might be more romantic than Classical.
Hatred is a rather extreme word in analysis of this topic. After ball this is a discussion forum. I find most of the comments entertaining.
In an other thread I saw this comment:

For me film music is more likely to be classical music when the film's aspirations are closer to art and timelessness. Most film music mentioned in this thread (along with the embarrassing music of Alma Deutscher) does not IMO meet this test.
Is it hate? Maybe, at least it is not a absurd assumption that it is hate.

If it is just very serious assessment, well, then I find it a bit embarressing to find the music of a little girl embarressing.

Imaging some little girls in the age of five paint some pictures, and their parents would say "that's embarrassing, shame on you!". Poor girls lol. Compared to some random girl-pictures Almas music is already great art.
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Hate? You lost me, there. I certainly hate the circus that has grown up around her - including your own contribution to that.

The music is not embarrassing because she is a little girl. It's embarrassing because so much fuss is made over it.
I think I also don't like the fuss and circus around her. She is not that special. She is a legitimate and promising composer but she has still to prove a lot. I also think that the child prodigy Mozart is a bit overhyped. Do people have a child prodigy fetish, maybe?

But the music might be embarrassing for those who take it seriously (I would certainly be embarrassed if I was one of them).
It is not my prefer style of music. It is like Mendelssohn, and I don't care much for Mendelssohn. But I can enjoy her music and I can take it seriously, why not? She should compose late romantic music imo. What is interssting about her is that we don't know yet what she will do in the future. The history of dead composers is already written on the other hand.

It is also potentially embarrassing for the little girl when she is grown up and looks back at the claims that people were making for her (and with her willing participation). I suppose she has a future as her day's Andre Rieu which to me would be a waste of what is evidently a talent.
If she ends up as Andre Rieu successor this would be unfortunate.
No, her music is nothing like Mendelssohn's. With Mendelssohn's music, there's ingenuity within the compositional writing and there's a fantastical element to his music that I find wholly original. Deutscher sounds more like a Classical Era clone and poorly conceived one at that. It's actually surprising you'd even make this kind of comparison, especially when you make the assertion: "I don't care much for Mendelssohn." If you don't care much for his music, then this means you actually haven't gotten inside of it and you're only listening from the outside, which doesn't actually give you much leverage when you make the claim that Deutscher's music "is like Mendelssohn."
Yes, I probably did not get inside the music of Mendelssohn. It was never attrackted by him that much to hear his music really intensive. I think Mendelssohn is better than Deutscher, but it appears to me that she was influenced by him. Her music has a romantic touch it is not really like Mozart imo. But I probably also did not really get inside the music of Deutscher yet. And I think there is more interessting music for me out there.

Mozart and Alma Deutscher, in prepubertal age, were both able to write music like professional adult composers, so I don't see how exactly they would have been overhyped.

I created a web quiz for my family at christmas and one question was: "How old was Mozart when he wrote this symphony?". It was the symphony 5. Possible answers: "9, 14, 16, 18". While listening to the symphony, someone said: "9 is not possible", but it was the correct answer.

As always, the melodies are subjective: you can like or not like them. For me, the melodies of Mozart were already excellent at that age. I think the same about the melodies I hear in this concerto of Deutscher.
It is impressive that he wrote this with 9. However I do not think about the age of a composer when I listen to a work. So that does not add additional value for me to the piece itself.

In the case of Alma something else makes me listen to her work more. It is the fact that she is alive. I would mabye not relisten to her Violin Converto if she had lived in the 19th century, because her later compositions were already known, and I would be able to know the scope of her musical output. However the fact that she is alive and young makes me search in her work for possible future directions of her style. The fact that she is alive makes it more interessting for me.
It is interssting that there are now 8 votes for "excellent", and 14 positive votes compared to 12 negative votes. In the first few day there were 0 votes for excellent, but already many (like 7) for horrible. Does this imply that the silent majority likes Alma Deutscher while others are quicker in condeming?
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I wouldn't count "not so good and not so bad" as a positive vote.
I didn't.

There are currently (for the record):
  • 9 votes for "horrible"
  • 3 votes for "quite bad"
  • 5 votes for "not so good and not so bad"
  • 3 votes for "good"
  • 3 votes for "very good"
  • 8 votes for "excellent"

Means 12 negative votes, 5 neutral and 14 positive.
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Fetish? What are you, a Marxist?
Can you elaborate on the idea further? Sounds interessting.
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