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Alma Deutscher - Violin concerto in G minor

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How do you rate this piece? Write everything you want about it.

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Not much to offer, but it's harmless. My problem with it is that Classical period and early romantic music has already been written, and a lot of it is outstanding. Alma's a lot lower than outstanding; her young age is irrelevant.
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Many people here just belittle the youth works of Alma Deutscher, and this may be similar to how female composers were belittled in the 19th century. Imaging she reads this thread and sees how horrible her piece is judged here. It is treated like she did something very wrong that makes it even difficult for her to "come back" like a crime. This is discouraging for non-avant-garde composers and girls with girlish taste. Other little girls make pop songs instead, is that it what you want? Is that better? It is unrealistic to expect a style from a little girl that is influenced by the experience of World Wars. It is fine if she satisfies her own taste, the taste of her grandma, and the taste of her father as a girl. She does not have to be mature as a girl.
Alma's being a female is not relevant. Those of us who have criticized her music and/or views do so because she is stuck in the past - period.
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So the music of the past is bad?
I love music of the past as much as anyone else here on TC, but listening to it is very different from creating it as if you were living in the past. Also, Alma doesn't even do a good job of it.
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Has the music of the classical-romantic period ever died? Someone wishes that it dies, but no, it's never died, considering that classicism and romanticism are still inspiring a lot of soundtracks of films and videogames with high sales.

If it's still alive, it means that it's not music of the past.
You're all mixed-up. Music of the past is simply music composed in the past. Of course, classical music of the past is still alive because it is played and listened to by 21st century humans.
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It is interssting that there are now 8 votes for "excellent", and 14 positive votes compared to 12 negative votes. In the first few day there were 0 votes for excellent, but already many (like 7) for horrible. Does this imply that the silent majority likes Alma Deutscher while others are quicker in condeming?
Speculate all you want. The only conclusion I see from the poll is that it's a mixed vote.
By the time Paul Jones wrote the above article, his shelf life had expired.
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Alma needs to keep her mouth closed more often.
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