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Alma Deutscher - Violin concerto in G minor

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She is amazing, no doubt about that. Her talent is also wasted imo and consumed far too much by other composers ghosts. So much so that I don't hear Deutscher in this concerto, just common musical platitudes from the common stock of a bygone era. I hope she claws her way back to the present as she could have something of her own to say that might be worth listening to. She is compositionally misguided at present imv and I fear the acclaim and desire for money spinning immediacy will stunt her development unless she matures enough to go through her own mini tonal-chromatic crisis and find her own solutions. I bet there is a great post-modern tonal-ish work in her if she's willing to dig down and find it.
Still, a great and wonderful musical talent.
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I'm not anti-Alma. I'm anti-cult of Alma her father produced. If you went through music conservatory, about 10% have her level of skill but none have her dad's diva level impact. She's ordinary as an extradentary student frequently encountered but none of which become known except for her having her diva demanding father.

Alma is a product of her father and no discussion of her should exclude that.
Yes. although depending on the standing of the conservatory, the percentage maybe a little higher. Exposure to students as talented as she is and beyond might be a good thing for her own development imv as it might help to get her out of her present creative bubble.
I have serious doubts about this, so I wouldn't hold your breath. I hate to be speculative, but at the rate she's going, she'll soon be on tour with André Rieu with Yanni as an opening act. Or will Alma and André be the opening act? Oh well, I'm sure they'll figure it out.
I also hold out hope that her curiosity and sense of adventure will develop on the inside to such an extent that 'herself' will start to punch through the perfect cadences. If that doesn't happen then at least she'll have a secure income, something that's not always guaranteed for a muso. I think it'll be a loss to music if she doesn't find a more original voice but good on her anyway.
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