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Alma Deutscher - Violin concerto in G minor

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How do you rate this piece? Write everything you want about it.

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This piece of music is not to my liking. Let´s just say that. I even heard quite a few "rookie mistakes" in the first minutes I was able to listen to it. Studying a bit more Mozart or Mendelssohn would make sure there´d be none of that.

Nevertheless, I am sure that in the next 10-20 years or so Deutscher will withdraw this piece and compose some wonderful, more mature music.
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I have serious doubts about this, so I wouldn't hold your breath. I hate to be speculative, but at the rate she's going, she'll soon be on tour with André Rieu with Yanni as an opening act. Or will Alma and André be the opening act? Oh well, I'm sure they'll figure it out.
Well, it is in my character to always try to think positive, especially when it comes to people. I like to believe in people. I don’t have to like everything they do, though! 😏
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Errors in the execution or in the composition? If you are speaking about the second one, I don't understand how there can be objective errors in composition, as it is art and not science.
Her style brought to my mind classicism and early romanticism, Mozart and Mendelssohn. So whenever there is place where the new piece falls short of the great models, I cannot help but notice. That is one of the shortcomings of the choices she has made.

Of course, philosophically speaking from a certain ontological viewpoint, there can be no errors in a piece of art. But we all know it does not work like that, as black and white. Of course we need to talk about art and evaluate it. It is for the benefit of the community and art.
I don't agree, because IMO the neoclassical/neoromantique composers should put their own interpretation and fingerprints in their music, not copying the works of the masters. In other words, neoclassical/neoromantique music is not supposed to sound exactly like classical/romantique music, but a renewed version of it.
What I like of this violin concerto is that it sounds like fresh air but inside of a traditional aesthetic. If it sounded like the violin concertos of Mozart, it wouldn't be original and she would put herself in the shadow of the austrian composer.
For me it is obvious it falls short of her models and for me there is nothing fresh or new. So I will not talk philosophically about this piece any further. For me it is not good enough a piece.
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Degustibus non est disputandum.
Yes, if someone is able go get kicks out of this concerto, that is a wonderful thing! I have nothing against that, of course. But on this thread opinions were asked for, so I briefly just gave mine.
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Indeed. It seems clear this young girl receives unfair criticism for none musical reasons which are then cloaked as professional short comings.
A rather sad commentary on those throwing stone in my opinion.
More of the famious classical music arrogance the genre is so famious for.

Anyway, that's my observation.

Sincerely not liking a certain piece of music should not be a reason for negative characterization of the person, right? ☺
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If you compare the finale of Mendelssohn’s Scottish Symphony to this violin concerto, you spot the clear influence and resemblance.

I have no doubt that Deutscher will do great things in the future. You know, music is a force that pushes aside even a few ambituous manager dads, eventually.

(Just like one little Colorado River forged one little canyon somewhere in an unknown desert.)

I will not mock this violin concerto although I will not praise it a mature work either.
In the bigger picture, I think that the bias of being amazed that a 9 year old can write a violin concerto like this balances out the bias of being suspicious that a 9 year old could compose anything of long lasting value. So, only after the bias to both directions has been removed from the equation are we going to see whether or not this truly was one of the great masterpiece violin concertos of the century -- or not, or something in between.

But let me repeat -- we are going to hear from Alma for a long time. I am not worried about her sticking to just this type of music. It is a force of nature that composers evolve. I am actually very happy that Alma Deutscher exists and I do not feel threatened by her aesthetic views. Let her bloom!

(Although I will not be listening to this violin concerto.)
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