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Betrothed, not married, which in those days was more like our engaged. If they had been married, they would have had to get a divorce. Incidentally, the story as told in the opera is not historically accurate, though Anna Bolenais a little closer to history than some of the others. Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I never met, for instance.

I've seen some of the Netrebko, by the way. She never convinces me in bel canto opera, and she too indulges in too much unseemly grovelling on the floor. Her characterisation is altogether too modern.
I am super allergic to that Russian woman. I think the Met should stop touting her as a competent bel canto singer, let alone something stupid like "prima donna assoluta". Let's face it: her technique is flawed (a video bashing her showing her disastrous attempts the E-flat twice:
), her singing is dull, and her diction kinda sucks. She is saved partly by her look (which is not attractive anymore) and the acting (but sometimes it becomes too ridiculous, as you said grovelling on the floor).

She is dull even in the Russian repertoire. I find her Tchaikovsky's roles and Russian songs totally uninspiring, unlike her compatriot Vishnevskaya. Then she plagues and massacres the operatic world of Mozart, Verdi, Bellini and even Wagner and Strauss with that same dullness.

Return to the topic, I would pick the one by Souliotis as an alternative.
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