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Antonio Vivaldi

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Darker side of Vivaldi

I suppose the overplayed and over-sweetened renditions of the Four Seasons are to blame for the general view of Vivaldi as being cheerful etc.

Let me change your views a little bit:

I suppose this late piece is neither cheerful nor does it sound like the Four Seasons, does it? :)

I also notice his late works are becoming darker and more dynamic. Also, I think the key to discovering Vivaldi as much underrated are good performances. Most of them will give you this cheerful, oversweetened feel. However, consider Giuseppe Carmignola:

Apart from Carmignola giving you the proper violin, I hugely admire Trevor Pinnock for his harpsichord as well as conducting (yes, he does this rare combination). Perhaps you would like to take a listen on his rendition of "La Notte" - again one of the darker pieces:

Since I made the discoveries mentioned above, I noticed that Vivaldi is unique in a way. He turned out to be a very keen observer of sound - not only music, but also the everyday sounds - flies flying by bottlenecks etc. as well as birds, frogs and other things. I have the impression that his music is the power of nature rising at his command - which has nothing to do with the oversweetened look forced on his reception by the mass culture...
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Love Vivaldi. The minor mode concertos of his Op. 3 with Pinnock are my favorite orchestral pieces of the Baroque at moment, together only with a few other concertos by J.S.Bach himself. Handel's, Telemann's and Corelli's do not come even close to the Red Priest's IMO.
his melodies pioneered romance.
I love Vivaldi's music, especially the enticing combination of beautiful melodies and rhythm.
I think that is, in general, what I like in (late) baroque music anyway. And Vivaldi is a master in that.

Right now listening to six of his Violoncello sonatas, with Anner Bylsma et al... a great way to start the weekend.

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