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Apps to manage your CD collection

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I apologize if this has been discussed before, but a search did not return something.

Do any of you use an app to manage your CD collection and if so which one?

I tried the Collectorz app ( which has an easy barcode scanner, but the entries are a bit messy (wrong covers, composer listed in the performer field, multiple titles for a single bar code etc), but I suppose this is a problem with any collector's app for classical music (the content is added by users).

Before I purchase this one (I tried the free version which is limited to 100 entries), someone may have suggestions for better ones for managing a classical CD collection.

I use the My Movies app for my bluray collection but they do not offer a version for CDs. The requirements are that the app has a barcode scanner, works well on iOS 11, shows the cover art (booklets etc is not required) and makes it possible to make customize entries (other cover, correct track list etc.). I do not want to use Excel or other generic software.

Any recommendations?
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I would suggest keeping a list. One can do this using a pen and notebook and keeping the notebook wherever one stores the CDs. ;)
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