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Apps to manage your CD collection

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I apologize if this has been discussed before, but a search did not return something.

Do any of you use an app to manage your CD collection and if so which one?

I tried the Collectorz app ( which has an easy barcode scanner, but the entries are a bit messy (wrong covers, composer listed in the performer field, multiple titles for a single bar code etc), but I suppose this is a problem with any collector's app for classical music (the content is added by users).

Before I purchase this one (I tried the free version which is limited to 100 entries), someone may have suggestions for better ones for managing a classical CD collection.

I use the My Movies app for my bluray collection but they do not offer a version for CDs. The requirements are that the app has a barcode scanner, works well on iOS 11, shows the cover art (booklets etc is not required) and makes it possible to make customize entries (other cover, correct track list etc.). I do not want to use Excel or other generic software.

Any recommendations?
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I actually just began using the CLZ app for iPad after trying out 4 different apps. While not the easiest to use at first, it did become much easier as I used it. I have just begun building a CD library so I do not have much to enter, and I have committed myself to catalogue what I buy immediately, so there won't be a backlog (and maybe keep my purchases under control... wishful thinking). I can see how it may be daunting for people with large collections spread out across many years, but this app seems to be the best right now. At least for me and my small, budding collection. View attachment 100535
I do think we all stated with small collections,;) welcome to Talk Classical by the way.
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