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Artists You Find Attractive & Why (Classical or Non-Classical)

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I find Gwen Stefani quite attractive. I am not a fan of her music, but I think she has a confident aura about her that is powerful for young girls. She isn't exactly cookie cutter either, and I do think she sold out a bit by leaving No Doubt, but I still think she is good looking.

Of course, no one can top Mozart; no one pulls off a powdered wig better than him! ;)
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But you drift away from the discussion topic, which is:
"Artists you find attractive".
yeah, my bad
Most people just know Yuna Kim as the 2010 Olympic Figure Skating champion and 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist. Here we see another side to this Korean beauty:
Most of the classical artists I would have mentioned, have already been mentioned.

So, here a some nonclassical.

Adrianna Plaza - Classically trained keyboardist from prog / avant-prog band, Kotebel, from Madrid, Spain.

Elisa Montaldo - Leader and keyboardist of Italian prog band, Il Tempio Delle Clessidre.

Nori Bucci - jazz-fusion guitarist with legitimate chops.

Esperanza Spalding - Jazz bass great and vocalist.

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Could she exemplify what a bête de scène (beast of the stage) is? Michal Elia Kamal
Women, don't psyche yourselves out for a few body hairs!

More from this band
Gypsy Love - Istanbul - Geut - Oshan Song

This can serve as a biography
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Esperanza Spalding - Jazz bass great and vocalist.
I already mentioned her. Lovely and comes with a heart warming story. A young woman to be admired.
Kaori Kobayashi. Nothing flashy or fancy, just some soft jazz with a lovely all-female quintet performing.
Here's two for the price of one in Miah Persson and Isabel Leonard:

In other genres, I find Hiromi Uehara's enthusiasm for the music she's playing very attractive:
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The violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja
Is the orchestration from Doni? It brings much, and smart enough to keep the piano. Enescu played the violin and the piano at concert level, so he wrote beautiful (and difficult) piano parts.
and here a nice portray of here
Besides playing the violin, she composes too. Cadenzas and complete pieces.
Dad plays the cimbalom and mom the violin, the other ancestors were musicians too. From Moldova she must have 3 mother tongues, she is proficient in German and English too, and since she lives in Switzerland, she probably speaks Schwyzerdütsch and some French.

Why attractive? Maybe the eyes, the soft face and manners... But more fundamentally, because she personifies passion.
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Three highly talented and beautiful sopranos:

1) Eva-Maria Westbroek - Dutch soprano
2) Patricia Petibon - French soprano
3) Sandrine Piau - French soprano
Lise Davidsen, Soprano Opera singer
Born 8 February 1987 (age 36)
Stokke, Norway

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Great voice, great actress overall superb talent.

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You do that too? I look at Amy Dickson and think, "I'd love to get my hands on that soprano saxophone." No, seriously, that's what I'm thinking.

Amy Dickson Interview - McGill Music Sax School Online

Yeah... sure ya do, Manxie, sure ya do... I take it Mrs. Manxfeeder is still monitoring your posts here - ;)
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Yeah... sure ya do, Manxie, sure ya do... I take it Mrs. Manxfeeder is still monitoring your posts here - :LOL:
Well, just to defend my reputation, as the apostle said, "I say the truth in Christ. I lie not." I would love to play her saxophones.
I wonder why Elina Garanca wasn't mentioned yet! Is this only supposed to be a list of under-30-year-olds?

But maybe she was mentioned already, I didn't scroll through all the pages...

For me she is absolutely stunning, and a great singer!
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