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Okay, so I have no clue if this thread has been done before but because I have been having a very nostalgic week I though I would post this. What is something you are still very attached to from your childhood? I don't believe in anything that you are emotionally attached to as being stupid or ridiculous. I will go first. I am really attached to two different things.

One is my stuffed Eeyore. I really do love him, I don't know what it is that stuffed animals can be such a great source of comfort. The second one would be a book series. I am actually very very emotionally attached to The Harry Potter series. In part I am posting this because recently in my personal life a "friend" of mine was harping on me about this. Now I can respect his opinions about the series and author in general, but I find it incredibly rude for him to try and ruin it with his opinions and treat whatever reasons I have for being attached as stupid and tell me so in so many words.

Sorry to go on a tangent yall.
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I remember this young girl next door, who was the same age with Harry Potter when he was accepted in Hogwarts,
about 11 years old, when the first book was published.

She was waiting during all summer, for the owl to bring her the letter of acceptance to Hogwarts,
and she was disappointed when it never arrived.

This book series was so powerful to kids.

I also have seen all movies.

what am I attached from my childhood?

my doll and my small photography camera and my hohner melodica
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