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Okay, so I have no clue if this thread has been done before but because I have been having a very nostalgic week I though I would post this. What is something you are still very attached to from your childhood? I don't believe in anything that you are emotionally attached to as being stupid or ridiculous. I will go first. I am really attached to two different things.

One is my stuffed Eeyore. I really do love him, I don't know what it is that stuffed animals can be such a great source of comfort. The second one would be a book series. I am actually very very emotionally attached to The Harry Potter series. In part I am posting this because recently in my personal life a "friend" of mine was harping on me about this. Now I can respect his opinions about the series and author in general, but I find it incredibly rude for him to try and ruin it with his opinions and treat whatever reasons I have for being attached as stupid and tell me so in so many words.

Sorry to go on a tangent yall.
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I am attached to my daughter Izzy. She reminds me of my younger sister when she was a kid... innocent and smart and pretty.

Only other attachment is to my first computer I ever built by myself without any help.
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