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Time to share my favourite piece of sacred music before I pass into the great beyond
- I have worsening symptoms of pneumonia / Covid-19, at only age 24.

Maybe I will survive, maybe not.

But when you listen to music like this, death matters not.

Thank you Johann Sebastian Bach and all who came before so he could create this work. :angel:

I am sorry to hear that you are so unwell. I am suffering from this virus, too. But I am in day 5 or 6, and so far my symptoms have only been mild to moderate. If you're still at home, and not in hospital, I'm finding that Quercetin, which is a natural flavonoid, seems to be helping. I take 2000 mg in the late afternoon, and 1000 mg before I go to bed; however, you may need more. (Know that people have taken & tolerated up to 7000mg Quercetin a day for the Ebola virus; although, of course, that's a lot.). I'm taking it with organic liquid zinc--two 3/4 full droppers in a glass of water a day, along with zinc throat lozenges (& eating zinc rich foods, like nuts). The two--Quercetin & zinc--must be taken together, since the Quercetin makes your cells more permeable to zinc, & the zinc will fight the virus in your cells. I realize that you may not be well enough to put this information to use, but if you possibly can, it's worth a try, friend. (However, if you've got pneumonia, you definitely should be under medical supervision.) My sister who is a doctor has told me that women are doing better with COVID-19 than men, and they are currently thinking that estrogen may help men--because they're seeing that Quercetin does have some effect on the virus, and Quercetin is a phytoestrogen... So, if you are a man, it might help you.

Get some sunlight, too, if you can, and as much as you can. Vitamin D will help fight the infection, as will Vitamin C. The sun comes through my bedroom window here at about 6 o'clock every day, and I try to rest on the part of my bed where it hits me most directly. I close my eyes and imagine that I am lying by a pool and can hear the sounds of people swimming around me. Or that I am at my favorite place by the ocean, and can hear the sounds of waves, and seagulls...

Like you, I am a great lover of high European art and ideals, and a free thinker, and J.S. Bach is my favorite composer, too (just above Josquin Desprez). And you're only 24. Wow, I'm impressed! The world needs more people like you. So please live. Fight it with everything you've got. Sometimes strength of will can be enough.

If you're having trouble breathing, pucker your lips as in a kiss, and suck in the air that way. A critical care respiratory nurse has told me that it makes it easier to get air in that way. Also, do everything that you can to stay well hydrated. It's super important. The nurse recommended Gatorade, but water should replace electrolytes just as well (it does in sports). She also recommended that I take hot (soapy) showers for my respiratory tract. (I've also read about a doctor that aided his own recovery by using an asthma pump...?) In addition, raise the temperature of your room as high as you can take it. Turn it into a sauna, if you can--get the air up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Right now, you need to get hot air into your lungs. This virus doesn't do well in heat and sunlight. And I've been told not to take anything (such as Tylenol) to reduce fever if it's under 103 Fahrenheit. Above that, it's your call.

I will pray for you.

Thanks for your beautiful Bach excerpt. I'd actually been listening to parts of the St. John Passion this week, but not to your movement--I have now.

In return, here is some music that I especially love. I hope you'll like it--that is, if, and when you feel up to listening:

And three of my favorite motets from the Burgundian School:

Lastly, here are some instrumental Fantasies by Eustache du Caurroy that I find beautiful and peaceful:

Get well.
Great, illuminating and comforting pieces. Thank you two for posting! :)

I sincerely hope that both of you recover soon.
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