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Best , favorites Overtures and Preludes

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Hi, looking for a Overtures and Preludes

My favorites are from Beethoven ...

And today listenig Mozart: Overture - 'La Clemenza di Tito'
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I think when it comes to overtures, Tchaikovsky is a unique master. All his overtures are top-class.
Mozart is great as well.
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Zimmermann - Die Soldaten : Prelude
Brahms - Tragic Overture
Weber - Der Freischütz : Overture
Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
Shostakovich - Overture on Russian and Kirghiz Themes
Rossini - William Tell : Overture
Wagner - Parsifal : Prelude to Act 1
Mozart - Zauberflöte : Overture
Beethoven : Egmont Overture
Schubert - Rosamunde Overture

...just to whet your appetite :tiphat:
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Figaro, Magic Flute, Bartered Bride, Consecration of the House, Vec Makropulos, Beatrice et Benedic, Corsair, Benvenuto Cellini, Midsummer Night's Dream, Peer Gynt
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Carl Nielsen - Helios Overture. I love a slow build up.
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My top favourites at the moment from each category:

- Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture
- Chopin's Prelude 17 in A Flat Major
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Enough said... my fav overture amongst many:


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Some faves:

Beethoven, Leonore #3, Egmont, Consecration of the House
Berlioz, Roman Carnival
Mozart, Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Magic Flute
Lalo, Le Roi d'Ys
Tchaikovsky, Capriccio Italien (and others!)
Shostakovich, Festive Overture
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I've long been a fan of the concert overture, and often when I set up a formal listening session, I'll program first an overture followed by a concerto and then a symphony, often selecting the three items according to some related theme. Below are a couple of my favorite overtures that Talk Classical folks should visit if they do not yet know them:

Peter Boyer "Celebration Overture"
Samuel Barber "Overture to The School for Scandal"
Leonard Bernstein "Overture to Candide"
Ralph Vaughn Williams "Overture to The Wasps"
Beethoven "Egmont Overture"
Brahms "Academic Festival Overture" and "Tragic Overture"
Mendelssohn "The Hebrides Overture"
Havergal Brian "Comedy Overture: The Tinker's Wedding"
Arnold Bax "Festival Overture"
Uuno Klami "Nummisuutarit-alkusoitto" ("The Cobblers on the Heath, Overture")
Étienne Nicolas Méhul "Overture: La Chasse du Jeune Henri"
Dmitri Shostakovich "Festive Overture"

Of course there are many more. But part of the joy of our hobby is exploring musical byways. So ... go on and explore.
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Top ten overtures, from a voting game elsewhere. Not my personal list, for sure!

1 - Wagner: Tannhauser Overture
2 - Mendelssohn: The Hebrides (Fingal's Cave)
3 - Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture
4 - Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream Overture
5 - Beethoven: Leonore Overture No. 3
6 - Beethoven: Coriolan Overture
7 - Wagner: Mastersingers of Nuremberg Overture
8 - Mozart: Don Giovanni Overture
9 - Rossini: La Gazza Ladra, Overture
10 - Verdi: La Forza del destino Overture
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My no. 1 at the moment: Die Schöpfung by Haydn.
Giulio Cesare and Solomon overtures by Handel
Grand overture by Giuliani (stretching the definition a little)
Romeo and Juliet overture by Tchaikovsky
La Clemenza di Tito and Die Zauberflöte by Mozart
Die Freischütz by Weber

Will have to think some more about others I enjoy....
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Malcolm Arnold's Tam O'Shanter and Peterloo overtures.
And of course his A Grand, Grand Overture for three vaccum cleaners, floor polisher and concert band.
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Don't forget the overture Donna Diana by Reznicek - one that sticks relentlessly in the mind after a single hearing.
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