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Best Orchestra Concert that You’ve Ever Attended

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Please include the performer(s)/group(s) names, the pieces on the program, and why you picked this particular concert. For me it is the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's performance of Carmina Burana, absolutely marvelous. I am hoping and praying to God that I can attend the Berliner Philharmoniker's possible tour this November, where they are performing Charles Ives' Central Park in the Dark, Andrew Norman's Unstuck, and Strauss's Till Eulenspiegel and Ein Heldenleben. I chose the DSO concert because I remember being blown away by the size and power of the orchestra and choir performing, such a magical experience.
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Live concerts are the best!! there's nothing like it, and even the best recording cannot duplicate the audio-visual thrill of live performance...
I've heard so many wonderful concerts - the greatest live concert I've ever heard was the Solti/CSO performing Mahler 5 in Carnegis Hall - 3/70...this concert has attained a rather "legendary" status [well-deserved]...It was really incredible, the conducting, the amazing virtuosity of the orchestra, great playing throughout...I had heard most of the world's greatest orchestras by then, and this was simply on a different level....the end of the symphony was unbelievable - loudest acoustical sound I've ever heard, and Trumpet I [A. Herseth] was the single loudest human being I've ever heard [He also totally aced all the tricky soft stuff]!! orchestra was going totally nuts volume-wise, with the trumpet just soaring, blazing over the top - no strained, forced sound, just clean, full tone, incredibly loud and pure....just soared over the orchestra...
The audience went crazy - instant SO - wild applause, whistles, yells, hoots, hollering, like at a football game or a rock went on non-stop for 35 minutes at least...finally Solti came out for the XXXteenth time, and dragged the concertmaster off - <<We've got a plane to catch!!>>

Many years later, maybe c. '89 - same forces, Solti/CSO - performed Shostakovich #8 in Boston Symphony Hall...that was really amazing, too...shattering experience - even better than their great live recording for London/Decca.

I heard Solti/CSO several times in early 70s @ Carnegie Hall - all unforgettable - great concerts - Ein Heldenleben, Bruckner Sym #7, Brahms #1, Tchaik Sym #5...

So many more great, honorable mentions, these sort of ottomh:
Ormandy/Phila - at Eastman Theater, Rochester - Schuman NE Triptych, Brahms Sym!! what a show...wonderful Schuman - thrilling Brahms...
Salonen/CSO, Rite of Spring, Petrushka, Mahler Sym #9 - just a couple of years ago
Stokowski/American Sym - c 1964 - Lincoln Center [I think] - Also Sprach Zarathustra, Ives Sym #4, a Rorem piece...this was right around the time Stoki recorded the Ives. I was still in High School - was totally blown away!!
Ormandy/Phila - at Saratoga Perf Arts Ctr - Beethoven Sym #7, Sibelius #2
Levine/BSO - Rite of Spring, Schoenberg 5 Pieces for Orch
Nelsons/BSO - Shostakovich Syms 4,7, Mahler 6....very excellent performances.....
I probably missed a few....:rolleyes:
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