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I'm not much of a Karajan fan, but Karajan's Bruckner recordings with Berlin are well rounded and balanced without the extremes that some other conductors tend towards.

One recording cycle that I cannot recommend are Celibidache's live recordings with the Munich Philharmonic. These were all the rage when they first appeard, because Celibidache made absolutely no recordings during his lifetime. After his death, his wife and son collaborated with the Munich Philharmonic and released dozens of live concert-archive recordings, the proceeds of which go to various children's charities.

As noble as this is, the recordings are absolutely crazy. Celibidache was an extremely individual artist who's vision of music went far beyond what composers wrote. While this can be very exciting in a live concert hall, where as a listener you are experiencing far more than just sound, on a "sterile" recording it sounds absolutely ridiculous, distorted and almost amateur.
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