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Hey everyone!

As you know, I like to study and interpret scores on a daily basis. Trying to see how all the notes come together and what feelings or "pictures" can be portrayed is thrilling. ( Call me a music NERD, if you will:eek: ...)
Anyway, I had a small question to ask...Would it be possible to buy just the "conductor score" of a classical music piece from a music supply store without buying all the parts? Because, Im getting kind of bored of buying just DOVER scores( Dover is a fine supplier of music scores, if not one of the best suppliers of music scores. Im not critisizing them, they really do print great scores while maintaining that "quality for a cheap price.").
So, would it be possible? For example, what if I wanted to buy the score for Jean Sibelius' "Symphony No. 2 in D Major"? Could I just buy the conductor score instead of buying all the parts with it?
Well, Thank you very much for hearing my question. I hope someone with musical expertise can respond to this delicate matter!:D
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