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Like most things, there are varying degrees. I watch TV and movies made by and star people whom I find their morals lacking and their political views highly destructive and bad for society. I listen to music produced and created by similar people. Look at Art created by the same. If I couldn't separate the art from the artist, I would rarely partake in creations made by highly talented people. Creations that often touch the deepest parts of the human soul.

It would have to be an absolute vile and reprehensible stance or action to find someone's art unenjoyable (unless of course their art just sucks). But it would have to be definitive and detailed by sources I trust. From the thread that was recently stopped about Gergiev, I have questions: Does anyone know what would happen to Gergiev's family or close relations if he publicly denounced Putin's invasion of Ukraine? Does anyone doubt that Putin is capable of exacting severe and quick revenge for such a public act against him? Over 1,400 protesters of the Ukraine invasion in Russia have been arrested (just seeing a protest in Russia is quite a thing). Does anyone think anyone will see or ever hear from most of those 1,400 people ever again?

I don't know Gergiev's heart or mind. I don't know what motivates him to say or not say, do or not do anything regarding Putin's regime. No one on this site knows and certainly politicians from other countries do not know either. To judge someone to the point of taking away their ability to make a living is a VERY serious thing. Too many are too willing do make such judgments with little to no knowledge about the reality. They make these judgments with the promise of approval by a crowd or mob who also have a similar level of ignorance. They virtue signal for the promise of cheap grace.

There are many artists who live in a "political closet" knowing if those around them knew their true hearts, beliefs, and political thoughts their careers would be over immediately. I know of a few people like this personally. Some have families, some need to provide and have responsibilities for others. I can't blame them for this. Understanding these realities, understanding my ignorance of the minds and hearts of those I don't nor will ever know is why I always try to separate the art from the artist.

61 - 62 of 62 Posts