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Can't edit or delete my own posts

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I realized that for some time I can't edit or delete the stuff that I write.
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I don't see edit button at all anymore.
Look at the post above yours :tiphat:
What is above mine post? A spider?
Sorry, but I don't get it. I can't edit posts even I write right now. Where is the edit button?
I think there should be edit button. If I'm blind, I apologize then.
As far as I know in this this thread it's like most post 12 hours edit
See the post from Taggart
I don't understand. I think he says that I can edit post within 12 hours and not after 12 hours.
I don't understand why do you point to Taggart's post all the time. I have seen his post, understood it and replied to it. I can't edit my posts at all anymore.
Thanks. I sent him pm.
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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